Products From The Hive

A typical 16 oz. squeeze Honey

Here’s a list of the honey products we have available. Among our most popular selling products is our 1 lb. jar of honey. This comes in a handy squeeze container or in a glass jar (most of our products have this option). Our full list of products includes:

  • 2 oz. Hex jar* 
  • 2 oz. Baby Honey Bear*
  • 8 oz. Honey, squeeze or glass
  • 12 oz. Squeeze Honey bear
  • 10-14 oz. (Approx.) Comb Honey
  • 1 lb. Honey, squeeze or glass
  • 1 lb. Creamed Honey
  • 1 lb. Cinnamon Creamed Honey
  • 2 lb. Honey, squeeze or glass
  • 5 lb. Honey jug or glass 
  • 1 Gal. (12 lbs.) Honey Jug
  • 5 Gal. Bucket (60 lbs.) Honey


NEW 2 oz. ‘Baby’ Honey Bear

*Wedding, Bridal or Baby Shower Favors*

The 2 oz. Baby Bear and the 2 oz. Hex Jar make excellent bridal shower, baby shower, and wedding favors.

Call us for prices on specific items (personalized labels and/or decorations are NOT provided; the ribbon is only a suggestion.) Click on the photos to see measurements.

Raw Honey-

Technically, all of our honey is considered raw because it is not pasteurized or micron-filtered. From the extractor  our honey flows into a stainless steel clarifier to separate any wax particles that may have come off the beeswax honeycomb.  Our honey is then strained through a stainless screen to remove

This is a 2 oz. Hex Jar
A great Wedding Favor!

any fine wax particles that may promote crystallization. Our honey is not micron filtered and still retains traces of pollen from the plants that were visited by the honey bees. All of the nutrients make it into every container of honey.


Honey Stix

Honey stix are plastic straws approximately 7 in. long filled with 1 tsp. of pure honey. They are currently available in 20 different flavors.


Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey is pure honey that we prepare using a special process to make it “spreadable”. It is available  plain or with Cinnamon. Great tasting and healthy! A fantastic addition to your hot cereal!


Pure Comb honey

Honey in the comb

This honey is in its most natural form–just the way the bees stored it–in pure beeswax honeycomb. Comb honey is available in pieces approximately 12-14 oz. each.


Honey Candy

A commercial confectionery company makes our honey candy and we package it ourselves. It is a hard lozenge with a honey filling in the middle. Our candy is available in 1-pound bags each containing five mixed flavors.

Pure Beeswax

Our beeswax is pure and unbleached, available in 1 oz. ingots or by the pound in bulk.