Local Apiary & Honey Supplier

Produced by Pennsylvania Honey Bees

At Mondjack Apiaries our bees have been gathering nectar from the wild flowers and trees of the Lehigh Valley since 1980 and since that time they have been turning it into the most delicious Wild Flower Honey you have ever tasted.

Our honey bees gather nectar from all of the natural wild flowers and trees so you can be assured our Honey is Pure and Natural!

We invite you to try our “American” honey, produced by Pennsylvania Honey Bees. I think you’ll agree the flavor just wakes up your taste buds. I’ve been told by many of our customers our honey has flavor… not like the store brand honey.

If you have any allergies to local plants, try eating locally produced honey….you may be surprised. It helps! Locally produced honey has small amounts of pollen in it from the plants indigenous to this area, plants that you may have allergies to. By consuming local honey with trace amounts of this pollen your body is building up a resistance to your allergy.

Why not give it a try! It can’t hurt! Honey is natural and healthy for you!


It seems everyone is looking for RAW honey.

Photos on this page – © Bill Mondjack 2017