About Mondjack Apiaries

“A little about us” 

   We are a small apiary compared to the commercial beekeepers who make their living by providing pollination service to agriculture. Pollination is the primary importance of the Honey Bee. Our bees also provide this valuable service but on a much smaller scale so Honey is the primary income producer for us.

Many times I am asked: “Why did you start keeping Honey bees?”

I think once I start talking they’re sorry they asked. As a child I always like raising or keeping animals. I’ve had pigeons, chickens, rabbits and many of the small things children tend to bring home, but bees began during my adult life after I gave up raising New Zealand White rabbits. I missed having some kind of animals and my job was boring. It was 1980 when Barry, a friend of mind and co-worker at the post office asked if I had ever read the classified ad in the back of the Mother Earth News magazine about keeping bees, I did and we both started bee hives.

spoils of keeping bees for honeyI am constantly learning about keeping honey bees. I’m active in local & state beekeeper organizations and participate in the annual Eastern Apicultural Society of America conferences. In 1998 I was tested and certified a “Master Beekeeper” by the Eastern Apicultural Society of America.

Everything I ever ventured into, my wife Carol has been an equal partner. We did wedding photography together for 33 years and Carol’s been helping me with packaging & labeling honey, making beeswax candles and beeswax Christmas ornaments, selling & delivering since we started the bees in 1980.

We do some craft shows together to sell our products, you may have seen us around the Lehigh Valley throughout the years.  After many years of spending countless hours/days at shows we have cut back on retail shows and decided to wholesale the majority of what we produce, although we do sell directly from our home (by appointment only) and we continue to sell at the Walnutport Canal Festival.

For a list of retail outlets that carry our Honey see our “Where to buy our honey” page or if you want to learn more about how to become a beekeeper, click here.

Honorary Life member of: Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Assoc.
Life member of: PA. State Beekeepers Assoc.
Life member of:(EAS) Eastern Apicultural Society of North America
Certified Master Beekeeper: EAS certified in 1998
Registered: PA. Dept. of Agriculture, Apiary Division
Registered: PA. Dept. of Ag., Bureau of Food Safety & Lab Services